Tuesday, August 22nd 2006

Segway of Oakland Offers Custom Key Maker to Dealers and Other Segway-Related Businesses

The coder and modifier, manufactured by TJS Industries and sold through Segway of Oakland, is a hand-held device that allows you to duplicate existing keys. This device sells for $379 and includes seven internal, pre-set codes for programming keys. This special feature allows you to expand on the three pre-set keys that come standard with Segway units. Now you can select from an array of different settings, controlling top speed and turning speed like never before. The package includes six key blanks and tabs for your convenience.

The most cost-effective aspect of the device is that dealers can now maintain copies of all their keys in case a user loses a set.

“If you lose your keys, you have to send off to New Hampshire for a new set of keys ($60), which can take weeks by ground or cost a lot of money overnight,” said Segway of Oakland partner Steve Steinberg. “All Segway dealers and renters should have this machine because it makes duplicates of the keys for when customers forget to return them. “All car dealers make copies of their keys and all Segway dealers should, too,” he added.

Segway of Oakland also sells an upgraded device – the Segway Key Coder and Modifier – that not only duplicates keys, but makes entirely new ones, with up to 16 key codes stored in its memory. This machine sells for $3,250 and includes 10 free blanks and tabs.

“We can use this to keep track of all our key codes,” Steinberg explained. “We mark the sales receipt with the key code. If the customer doesn’t have the original set of keys and he is the verified owner of that Segway, we can look up the key code or contact Segway LLC for it and produce the keys from scratch in shop. This allows you to avoid delays in ordering and shipping. For instance, if you lose your keys on a Friday, you’re out of luck until Monday. Rental agencies can’t afford to have units down for even one day because they’re not making any money with inoperable units.”

With a memory storage capacity of 16 key codes, dealers can catalog an entire fleet of units to easily produce more keys on the spot.

“The LED display lets you read the key code and the keypad lets you change the code with the potential of making the Segway go faster, slower or alter the turning speed,” he said. “You can produce all this without the original key. This is a very convenient option for dealers.”

Contact Segway of Oakland today to order the Segway Key Duplicator and Programmer or the Key Coder and Modifier: (800) 659-8731, www.segwayofoakland.com.

Source: PR Web